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Want a chance to earn free rewards and crate keys? You can Vote for the server to grow its playerbase!

- What are voting rewards?  Voting rewards is a system that allows YOU to earn rewards by voting for Astralcraft. 

- What are the rewards?  Voting Rewards and Perks can include a large variety of colored names that change depending on the amount of votes you have, vote crate keys, and even in game currency! 

- How do I vote?  Simply do /vote for a list of links in game, or click the links here. 

- What is voting?  Voting is when you add your vote on a Minecraft server list, which moves Astralcraft up on server leaderboards, which attracts more members. So it gives benefits to everyone!

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Our server originated as a small university server from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in August 2019 (Domain known by the name 'ERAU.World').

Since the community died down, we decided to make the server public! Hope you'll give us a chance! We'd love to see you online!

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