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Rank Upgrades

These Exist for players who currently own an Astrologist, Rocketeer, Cosmic, Intergalactic, or Celestial Rank and would like to purchase an upgraded rank!

Astrologist to Rocketeer Rankup 7.00 USD Buy
Astrologist to Cosmic Rankup 15.00 USD Buy
Astrologist to Intergalactic Rankup 28.00 USD Buy
Astrologist to Celestial Rankup 45.00 USD Buy
Rocketeer to Cosmic Rankup 8.00 USD Buy
Rocketeer to Intergalactic Rankup 21.00 USD Buy
Rocketeer to Celestial Rankup 38.00 USD Buy
Cosmic to Intergalactic Rankup 13.00 USD Buy
Cosmic to Celestial Rankup 30.00 USD Buy
Intergalactic to Celestial Rankup 17.00 USD Buy
Our server originated as a small university server from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in August 2019 (Domain known by the name 'ERAU.World').

Since the community died down, we decided to make the server public! Hope you'll give us a chance! We'd love to see you online!

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