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Getting Started...

Welcome to Astralcraft!

This is a guide that will help you get started. Once you spawn in the hub you can walk over to the rocket ship with the destination of your desired world. Hop in the rocket and blast off to start your journey on the last frontier. Once again, welcome to Astralcraft, where players are out of this world! 




        Recommended for individuals seeking a typical survival multiplayer experience, this destination is one you seek for comfort. Through your trusty golden shovel can you claim lands by right clicking your plot of land to have it protected. After building your first home should you set a waypoint using /sethome , then use /home to always find your way home! If you prefer to share your land with friends, use /trust to give them permission to your land. If you thirst for $$$, consider building your own shop at spawn to exchange assets for diamonds as currency! See more >




        For those who seek a more intricate experience, this destination is one that requires collaborative effort. The spawn shop can help you make your first dollars. You can come here and sell goods and resources you mine to help you raise capital to start your town. It’s a good idea to join a well-established town to get off your feet first. Go on, ask in chat, and hopefully one of the towns will take you in. There you can join their town and visit them using /town home. Now that you have a place where you can safely build you can work on building up your capital, potentially creating your own town. It costs $500 to create a town to then build up your Elysium. However, don’t get too comfortable, for this land tolerate feuds between players and community. Thus, consider building up an army alongside the players you trust. See more >



        Coming Soon...

Our server originated as a small university server from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in August 2019 (Domain known by the name 'ERAU.World').

Since the community died down, we decided to make the server public! Hope you'll give us a chance! We'd love to see you online!

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